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Tutorial 4: Model Discussions

Week 1, Day 1: Model Types

By Neuromatch Academy

Content creators: Matt Laporte, Byron Galbraith, Konrad Kording

Post-production team: Gagana B, Spiros Chavlis

Tutorial Objectives

Estimated timing of tutorial: 45 minutes

In this tutorial, you will reflect on what/how/why models in a group discussion and discuss your preferences and thoughts on modeling.

Tutorial slides

These are the slides for the videos in all tutorials today

Section 1: Model discussions

Think! 1: Model discussions

Please spend the next 45 minutes or so discussing the following questions.

  • What is your favorite model ever

    • Every student contributes one. Can not reuse the same

  • Which models when?

    • For which questions do you prefer what models?

    • How models?

    • Why models?

  • Which model kinds do you like best?

    • Why?

    • Would you be missing something if the other models did not exist?